Why Rachvipa MRI

“Because we set out to be the best in what we do, and work hard every day to live up to that title.”

The caliber of our equipment and professionals are equivalent to those of the top medical schools and private hospitals in this region. But as an imaging institution, not a whole hospital, we can focus our resource on only one aspect of healthcare: Diagnosis Imaging.

Moreover, during the decisive moment of critical condition such as cancer, time is of utmost importance. The time spent waiting in a month-long queue at a hospital, could be cut to mere hours at Rachvipa. We understand that in individuals afflicted with life-threatening conditions such as cancers, or even with suspicion of such diseases, every second counts.

Compare to other private imaging service, we are clearly distinguished. While companies in private imaging industry focus on price and other business incentives, we decided to become patient-oriented. Our priority and commitment belong to the patients: the true customers that we serve. This commitment to deliver uncompromising standards of care reflects in every aspect of our service.

Together with quality, we are also able to provide peerless comfort, convenience, and warmness to our clients. Our hospitality personnel are professionally trained, and consistently mindful of the clients’ needs, medical and non-medical. Our facility and service flow are designed to ensure that every visit is as comfortable, safe, and private as possible.

Core Values

Company Background

Our founders were a team of professionals in the field of diagnosis radiology: radiologists, technologists, and administrators; each with more than 20 years of experiences. Amidst strong cost-cutting and price competition among private imaging businesses, we began our service in 2008, positioning ourselves apart as the leader in quality and setting our vision to become the best in the region. We recruited American-board-certified subspecialized radiologists and top technologists in the MRI field, and invested in cutting-edge MRI technology from SIEMENS. We designed and built our whole facility from the ground up with the sole purpose of delivering the best imaging service possible.

After less than a year, we had earned immense trust and reputations from the medical community. As a private imaging center, we delivered unprecedented accuracy, safety, and comfort; through the utilization of innovative technology and spacious, state-of-the-art facility. We became the first MRI center in Thailand to be accredited ISO 9001:2008 during our first year of service.

We kept expanding our personnel force to serve the ever-increasing demand for our service. In 2011, we were driven to invest in the second Siemens MRI machine. Despite the sheer volume of patients and clients, we continued to deliver excellent services in the timeliest manner. To affirm our commitment to quality, in 2014, we have become the first MRI center in the Southeast Asia region to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), one of the most respected standards in the international medical community.

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From 2008 to Today

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