1. Is MRI harmful?

Due to our 100% radiation-free MRI machine, there is no harm resulting from the check-up. According to international research, there has been no harm for human caused by MRI.

2. When do we need an injection with MRI?

Sometimes, MRI examinations required Gadolinium chelating agent injection into the vein depending on the radiologists and physicians’ consideration. The benefits of the injection are as follows:

  1. To see the abnormality more clearly
  2. To distinguish the abnormality if it results from inflammation, tumor, cancer, or other causes
  3. To examine the veins

3. Can MRI detect early-stage cancer?

Yes. According to the research by Doctor Cheng and his team from Taiwan, MRI examinations can detect abnormality in 1,978 patients without symptom. It is found that MRI can detect tumor with the smallest size of 0.4 millimeters.

4. How long does an MRI check-up take?

For MRI in certain parts (e.g., brain, back, upper abdomen, or lower abdomen), it takes about 30 minutes. For Whole Body Check Up program, it takes about 1 hour.

5. Do I need to bring my medical records?

If you have had a previous check-up or congenital illness, you should bring your X-ray film and related diagnosis results with you so that physicians can suggest a more precise check-up for you.

6. Can I get an MRI check-up if I am pregnant?

If you are expecting a baby, please notify before making an appointment. We do not recommend pregnant women to undergo MRI until parturition. If necessary, it is suggested that you get an MRI check-up when your pregnancy is over 3 months old (second quarter).

7. If results show abnormality, what should I do?

After the examination, physicians will explain the results to you. In case of abnormality, physicians will explain and suggest a treatment as well as recommending a specialized physician.

8. Is fasting required before getting a check-up?

Fasting is not required, except for abdomen MRI. It requires 6 hours fasting before the check-up, but drinking water is allowed.

9. Can I reimburse for an MRI check-up with my insurance?

You have to consult with your insurance and see if it covers the cost for MRI in its terms and conditions.

10. Are there any interpreters provided at the center in case patients cannot speak Thai?

We can provide an interpreter to deliver diagnosis results. Please notify before making an appointment.