“Serious diseases such as cancer can affect lives. If diagnosed early, it can be cured. Get your health check-up without any hospital referral letter.”

Serious diseases such as cancer can affect lives. If diagnosed early, they can be cured. Chronic diseases caused by extreme lifestyles or heredity such as stroke caused by high cholesterol or diabetes, cirrhosis caused by drinking alcohol or back pain and joints pain can result from working hard or playing extreme sports. If early diagnosed, they can be cured promptly. Being healthy also requires self care, and with good health you will be happy with your loved ones for a long time.

Rachvipa MRI Center is an MRI specialized institute with high-tech equipment and top personnel providing diagnoses and placing importance on pre MRI health check-up.

We would like to be your first choice when it comes to diagnosing; we can answer your health questions the first time you visit us at Rachvipa MRI Center. You can consult your diagnosis results with our specialized physicians in order to received treatments promptly without having to wait and repeating certain procedures like at hospital.

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Comparing nornal X-ray pictures showing only bone shadow and MRI pictures showing all details of the tissues


MRI ช่องท้อง Bangkok Thailand


Cancer in the initial stage can be small and has no presentation, which is unable to be diagnosed in typical health check-ups or blood tests. However, MRI examination can detect tumors and cancer from the size of 4 millimeters. MRI examination is widely used for annual health check-ups in many countries.


Stroke causes hemiparesis, facial palsy, stiff tongue, and articulatory disorders. These symptoms can be eased and cured promptly if early diagnosed.

Degenerative Spine

It causes chronic back pain and leg pain when taking a long walk. In case of nervous pressure, an operation must be performed to cure. MRI examination is one of the standards for this disease.

…and many more diseases

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MRI Check-up at Rachvipa


ติดต่อ MRI Bangkok Thailand

1. Contact for check-up

Call (+66)98-830-7586 or (+66)2-158-1088 and we are happy to provide basic information and make an appointment for your check-up.

2. See the doctor at Rachvipa

See the doctor at Rachvipa Center for screening and counseling for initial check-ups such as “Should I have a check-up?”, “Which part?”

3. Get check-up and wait for the results

After the check-up, physicians will inform the results as well as giving advice on how to treat you symptoms. If any abnormality, we will refer you to an appropriate specialized health center or hospital.