What is MRI?

“MRI is the best tool for making medical diagnoses.”

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, known as MRI, is a tool used for creating inner organs images by using the electromagnetic and radio waves. Hydrogen molecules in the human body respond to these magnetic waves differently depending on each body part. As a result, inner organ images, such as the brain, spine, liver, kidneys are created. In addition, MRI can distinguish the normal tissues and the abnormal ones.

Compare MRI with Other Types of Examinations



Compared to other X-ray images that only show the bone shadows, MRI images show all details of the tissues

MRI Examination Examples



MRI Whole body


MRI Brain


MRI Spine


MRI Joints


MRI Upper Abdomen


MRI Lower Abdomen


MRI Fetus


MRI Other parts

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Magnetom AVANTO I-class MRI จาก Siemens

Latest MRI model with modern technology available at Rachvipa MRI Center


  • Blade technology – image stabilizing technology – assisting patients who cannot lie still during the examination
  • Total Imaging Metric (TIM) – a new signal transceiver – increasing the speed and clarity of the examination
  • 65-centimeter tunnel diameter reducing discomfort during the examination
  • With the new design, patients do not have to put the head inside the machine for some of the organ examinations, which reduces discomfort
  • 200 kilograms weight capacity, suitable for big patients

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